Case Study: Christmas Party Private Hire

Client: Digitas Marketing Agency

Challenge: The company was looking to have a Christmas party that was themed on space and travel. They wanted the staff to be sitting in the middle of the room altogether and then changing surroundings for visuals.

Solution: Aures London set up a 100-person sit-down table on long tables in the middle of the room and got one of our preferred caterers to provide the food. We used our 6 projectors to cover the entire length of the room and provided both our and the client’s content to take the guest on an immersive journey.

Result: The room was decorated in the best of Christmas spirit on long tables in the middle of the room. On both walls, we displayed various locations around the world as well as a trip to Mars to boot. The client was wowed by the immersive graphic and had a Christmas party they won’t forget. 


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