Case Study: Hublot Luxury Watches Global Launch

Client: LVMH – Hublot Luxury Watches Global Launch of the DJ Snake Partnership Watch.

Challenge: Client wanted to launch the watch in two cities at once. Live in Paris as well as in London England. They wanted high quality surround immersive visuals in a very luxurious setting as well as being able to run a live feed from the Paris, France launch of DJ Snake revealing the new watch. The goal was to make it feel like it was a simultaneous launch in both cities.

Solution: After consultation with the LVMH tech team in Paris, we both decided to go with a Haivision secure video encoder and decoder for end to end video from the Paris Launch. We used NDI protocol  through our Avolite Server to dedicate on of our projectors (front) so display the live feed. The other six side projector display a technical immersive construction of the watch. The space was redecorated with high end local set designer.

Result: We were able to create a very immersive experience for the very high profile guest that were in attendance. With the time difference we were able to live feed DJ Snake reveal of the watch at the same time and the client was extremely happy with the overall event.

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