Case Study: Astrofeels Art Exhibition

Client: Adrian Barbu, Visual Director of Tom Ford/Artist

Challenge:  Adrian was looking for a central London venue where he could both celebrate his birthday and exhibit his collection of unique art (Astrofeels). He required a room where we could hand over 30 pieces of art around the room easily and effectively and at the same time entertain his friends and family for an intimate birthday gathering. 

Solution:  Aures London’s industrial framework behind the screen was ideal for this special occasion. We clear out the room and hired high-end furniture and table dressings for the centre of the room for Adrian and his guest to eat and drink. We also removed all the screens and exposed the truss framework which we use to mount all of Adrian Art (Astrofeels) which came in various colours and sizes.  

Result: The room was absolutely beautiful. The amazing and colourful art was perfectly situated between the speaker columns of the truss. The middle table made the perfect vantage point to appreciate all of Adrians’ art in a truly fantastic environment. The whole event was also featured in Wonderland Magazine as a feature article.


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