Case Study: Sony Music – AWAL Records Label

Client: Sony Music – AWAL Records Label

Challenge: Client wanted to create a immersive audio visual experience for their artists, closest fans and industry contacts. They wanted to have studio like quality audio and interchangeable custom visuals for every artist. Lastly, they needed live play back instrument set up for each band/group configuration throughout the night.

Solution: After consultation with the label organizer, Aures assigned two audio techs and one lighting and visual tech to the event. We conducted extensive rehearsals throughout the day to ensure an easy transition from band to band as they were going to be placed in the middle of Aures London’s multi-tier immersive 34-speaker set-up. Individual 270-degree visuals were provided by the label and loaded on our Avolites Q3 server and displayed using our 7 Epson Laser Projectors for the highest visual quality.

Result: We were able to provide the best audio experience whilst at the same time immersed all the guests in floor to ceiling visuals. We were able to achieve a on stage like headliner concert experience with both better audio and visual experience.

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