Sensory Immersion

immerse all five of your senses

Take a multisensory adventure that unlocks all 5 of your senses

Humans interact with the world through sensory interaction. Through our 5 senses we able to learn, develop, remember and experience the world around us. The more our senses are in engaged in a experience good or bad the more chance it will leave a lasting memory. The same applies to events, art or exhibitions, the more you can effectively see, hear, touch, smell and taste at an event the better chance you will remember it in the future.

Sense 01.


Humans generally have just over 210 degrees in the horizontal arc of their visual field. This is why Aures visuals are normally set between 270 to 360 which is more than enough to give surround or immersive visuals. Iconic memory is related to visual stimuli and 90% of the information the brain processes is of a visual origin. It takes around 13ms for the brain to register an image. With 7x4K Epson projectors, Avolites Q3 Server, and Avolites Quartz lighting desk working with Robe UK lights Aures has was it takes to create extraordinary visual memories for your event.
Sense 02.


Echoic memory is all memory related to sound and hearing. Aures 34 speakers on 4 sound planes with spatial software to create as realistic and natural an audio environment as you can get. Your event will be using one of the best-sounding venues in Europe used by Sony Music, Warner Music and Spotify. The Pioneer Pro Audio speakers are evenly spaced from top to bottom and from the back to the front of the room – the result is the entire space is the sweet spot.

Sense 03.


Haptic memory is everything related to touch stimuli. Aures has partnered with Subpac to provide haptic seat pads/vests to convert all low-frequency played in the venue into bone-conducting vibrations. This way you can feel everything you hear. They work particularly well for those that are hearing impaired. This completes the holy trinity of immersion by tying in what see and hear with what you feel all at some time.

Sense 04.


Olfactory memory is everything related to the sense of smell. Aures has teamed up with Ecoscent which has over 400 different scents which can be matched to your event. Our sense of smell evokes more emotion than any other sense.
Sense 05.


Gustatory memory is everything related to taste, along with a sense of smell they both have very strong emotional triggers. Aures has an in-house mixologist to create bespoke cocktails for your event. Our list of preferred catering suppliers is able to create fantastic taste adventures to accompany any occasion that comes along.


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