Imajon Series

'Imagine' Series

Take a multisensory adventure through different genres, locations, themes and eras

Aures London presents the Imajon series a multi-discipline immersive series covering black history Lex Tempus to the environment (Seas of Change) and the origins of street art TAGGED) to mechanics of sound travel Science of Sound. Each chapter of this series will engage all five senses to create an experience not easily forgotten.
Have a look at our Immersive Projects - Imajon Series

Step into an immersive, sensory time machine at Lex Tempus! Be transported from London to three of America’s greatest cities in a docu-musical experience. 

02. Tagged

From Subways to Sotheby’s the rise and history of street art immersive experience.

03. Science of Sound

An educational immersive experience about sound.


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